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American Energy Action (AEA), an independent 501(c)(4), was established to advance American energy policy by designing and deploying aggressive advocacy programs and activities. Specifically, AEA has measurably increased the advocacy capacity, as well as the political strength, of renewable energy advocates at the state and federal level, by identifying, motivating, and activating supporters of renewable energy to contact their elected officials and to educate the public about the officials’ positions on new American energy.




Until now, one wind-energy focused organization, AWEA, a 501(c)(c)6 Trade Association has collaborated on certain projects to educate the public on the benefits of wind energy and to advance the policies that incentivize more such energy. To achieve greater awareness and effective policy and political impact, a new independent 501(c)(4), AEA, was formed and has grown into an effective advocacy arm for the renewable energy industry. The combined impact of these organizations will result in significantly greater delivery of renewable energy and the valuable benefits these valuable energy sources provide to our country and our future.